“Tudes” help you breathe more easily

Two key qualities need to be considered when looking for success and they apply to any field of endeavour. When assessing how far or how high you want to go bear this in mind:

Attitude + Aptitude = Altitude


What kind of person are you? How do you approach challenges? How curious? How much do you like learning? Is it about you or the team? What is your work ethic? How do you relate to others? Are you a radiator or a drain?

Your attitude impacts on your motivation and this determines your behaviour in any situation. By the time we’re adults your attitude and approach to challenges is largely determined. When hiring this is a key thing to try to get a feel for as you will have to work with what you hire.


What skills do you possess and to what degree? One key consideration is that skills can be learnt and developed with the correct instruction and training. It might seem the easy option to recruit for existing skills but as things change (and they will) do those skillsets become less important? The correct allocation of resources (people) is vital for an organisation’s ongoing success and you need people who can develop along with the organisation – people with the correct attitude.


The two combined together are the ideal. If they both exist then you/they/the organisation are in the best place possible and can reach ever higher.

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One comment on ““Tudes” help you breathe more easily
  1. Amanda says:

    Simple and straight to the point! Easy to remember. Always good.

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