Me, myself and I

Hello to you all.

My name is Andrew Greaves (aka Greavsie) and the last time I looked I was also the physical manifestation of The Idea Hunter.

My professional passion is creative thinking, innovation and problem solving. For the last 20 years (where does the time go?) I’ve been operating in the marketing (and more specifically the media) sector.

This blog will reflect those interests plus lots of other random snippets that I find interesting – hopefully you will too.

Amazingly (sadly), I do bear a strong resemblance to this chap.

3 comments on “Me, myself and I
  1. Chiara says:

    Dear Andrew!

    i came across your website through the creative thinking club in brussels.
    i wondered how i can sign up for your blog and get to know about the new messages?

    keep on doing this, its cool to read!


  2. theideahunter says:

    Hi Chiara

    I’m hoping that there should be an orange RSS icon in the site address. If you click on this it should enable you to subscribe to new posts. Presumably you know Jeffrey then?

    Hope you continue to enjoy the blog.

    Cheers, Greavsie

  3. Andrew: Thanks for including HEART OF INNOVATION on your blogroll.

    Mitch Ditkoff

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